Should You Attempt a DIY Fix of Your Broken Spring?

Garage Door Malfunctions Can Cause Major Headaches

People greatly depend on their garage doors, maybe even more then they realize. They constantly open and close them throughout the day. Each and every day, they raise it first thing in the morning, backing out their van to get their kids to school on time and themselves to their job. They close it at night after a hard day’s work in the fields, securing their tractors and farm equipment in the barn. The door goes up and down all day long at the auto shop, as the mechanics circulate through the vehicles they fix. Countless people heavily rely on their garage doors, and probably take them for granted.

Garage doors are not infallible, however. As the years and decades go by, the mechanical components will wear down, and unfortunately, their door will malfunction or completely break down. All those conveniences they took for granted before will become readily evident, and the malfunction will cause some headaches. That garage door will become stuck closed, or stuck open, or worse yet, half-open.

This is not a situation anyone wants to sit on. It’s time for repairs. It’s time to call an expert.

When homeowners, business owners, and farmers need trustworthy, excellent garage door repairs throughout the New River Valley, they call us, the experts at Professional Door, Inc., in Dublin, VA. We pride ourselves in providing quality, dependable garage door repairs throughout our corner of Virginia. Our team will repair it correctly the first time and as quickly as possible, so you can get back your normal life once again.

Let our team fix every issue that may arise – and fall – with your door, including problems with the most common component that breaks: the springs.

Why is quickly repairing a broken spring so important?

Broken Springs are an Immediate, Important Concern

The springs play an important role in the function of your door. They may appear basic in the whole mechanical scheme, but they are vital in raising and lowering your door. Simply put, the tension on those springs cancels out gravity and eases the load for the automatic opener as it lifts and lowers the door.

There is no indicator at all – nothing to watch for – to give any clues that a spring is wearing out and breaking down, but be certain that the daily grind of opening and closing that door will take its toll. And eventually, and maybe even suddenly, you will have a broken spring. And with a broken spring, your door will not move.

So what can someone do when it’s time to repair a broken spring?

Please Remember: Broken Spring Repair is Only for the Experts

The first rule of broken spring repair is “don’t do it yourself!” The spring may be the most common component that breaks, but it is also the most dangerous part of the door. We must strongly emphasize that repairing a broken spring is not a DIY project. Thanks to many “how-to” videos online, people today consider previously “hard” or “impossible” fixes now within the realm of their DIY expertise. However, these videos won’t show the acquired skill necessary a quality, safe garage door repair. A broken spring repair is a job you must leave for the professionals, like our expert team at Professional Door, Inc.

When you have a broken spring problem at your home, your business, your workshop, or your farm, our sage advice is log off of the internet video sites and call us at Professional Door, Inc., immediately. We are proud to diagnose any problem and provide broken spring repairs reliably and quickly. Customers can depend on us for any make and any model of garage door. We also understand that any garage door fix is a time-sensitive situation, so our team will get there as soon as we can to ensure that we fix your broken spring the right way the first time. We are the New River Valley’s smart choice for broken spring repair.

The New River Valley’s Broken Spring Authority

We at Professional Door, Inc., have served Virginia’s New River Valley for more than three decades, providing great garage door repairs, as well as garage door installation, combined with amazing customer service. We have seen every situation with broken springs, so we have the necessary experience to give all of our customers reliable, effective, and safe repairs. Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural garage door, we will fix that broken spring and have it operating smoothly in no time!

We are proud to be a part of the New River Valley community, and we are proud to serve its residents, farmers, and businesses. Customers can turn to us for all of their broken spring needs, from our home in Dublin, VA, to as far north as Salem, VA, as far south as Wytheville, VA, and Galax, VA, and everywhere in between.

Our team also effectively handles garage door sales, installations, other general repairs, and garage door device service. We love to help our cherished customers make over their garages by replacing their old, dilapidated doors with brand-new, gorgeous ones. We have something for every style. To see what we offer, view our photo gallery. Better yet, visit Professional Door, Inc., in person at our showroom at 464 Cleburne Boulevard in Dublin, VA, right across from New River Community College. We love to talk to people face-to-face about their needs and formulate the perfect plan to install or replace a garage door. It’s more than a job for us; it’s our passion.

Whether you suffer from broken spring issues, or you need a new garage door altogether, turn to Professional Door, Inc. We truly are a smart choice for garage door repair and more service in the New River Valley.

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