Carriage House Doors Installed by Professional Door, Inc.

An Impressive Selection with Meticulous Craftsmanship

Professional Door, Inc. of Dublin, VA proudly installs premium carriage house garage doors for residential applications throughout our service area. The Carriage House Door Company, Amarr, and Raynor have a longstanding reputations for producing beautiful handcrafted overhead garage doors with meticulous craftsmanship to meet your specifications. Only the finest quality steel and superior woods are used to manufacture these artfully crafted doors.
Carriage House

Garage Doors by Custom Artisans

Professional-grade hardware is a standard feature in all of our steel and wood carriage house doors. Impressive design customization options are available to reflect your personal aesthetic preferences. For extremely durable performance at a fair price, steel garage doors deliver the reliability and weather-resistance that you need. Choose from a wide variety of attractive finishes to complement the aesthetic appeal of your home or business.
  • Custom Manufatured by Skilled Artisans
  • Engineered with Modern Technology
  • Modern Convenience (Overhead Sectionals, Electronic Openers, etc)
  • Wood & Steel-Reinforced Options
  • Extensive Selection of Devorative Hardware
  • Produced to Exacting Standards

High-Strength Steel Garage Doors for Durability That Lasts

Steel garage doors are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, including heavy-duty gauges for industrial applications. You can rely on our manufacturer’s rust-resistant, high-strength steel for durability that lasts. Strong hardware materials such as rollers, tracks, and tongue-and-groove joints ensure that your steel garage door will remain functional, as well as beautiful, for the life of your door. Tamper-resistant safety cables help guard against accidental door closures and injuries, as well. Option include a noise-dampening inner polystyrene insulated core, dozens of attractive factory-applied colors to choose from, environmentally friendly options, and extensive warranty protection so that you can rest assured that you have selevted the best door for your application.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Garage Doors in Radford, VA

The strength and low maintenance of steel garage doors make them the optimal choice for all commercial and residential applications. Whether you want a clean, classic appearance or a more decorative and unique finish for your garage door, steel is the ideal material. Bring character and charm to your residential or commercial structure with a variety of panel options, hardware choices, and textures to dramatically improve the curb appeal of your structure. Steel garage doors are our best selling option. Let is help you enjoy the peace of mind that our high-quality steel garage doors offer for your home or business.

Have it All: Dramatic Flair, Beauty, Performance and Low Maintenance!

Carriage offer our customers the ability to have it all: stunningly attractive custom garage doors that add a dramatic flair, reliable performance, low maintenance, and enduring beauty. Each door is custom designed and fit to ensure that your new carriage house door will enhance the attractiveness and increase the value of your home. With timeless beauty, the classic, authentic quality level of carriage doors produced a century ago, and all of the advantages of modern overhead door technology, you truly can have all of the appeal of a classic carriage door along with the modern safety and convenience features that make entering and exiting your garage a true pleasure, every time.
Preview the hand-crafted carriage house doors custom produced by the skilled artisans at Carriage House Door Company, Amarr, and Raynor, and contact us to let us know what your preferences are. We will respond to your inquiry promptly.
  • Wood doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Decorative Hardware
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