Custom Wood, Steel, Insulated and Wind-Load Garage Doors

Professional Door, Inc. installs all types of commercial and agricultural doors and accessories from Raynor, Haas, and Hörmann. We serve the transportation industry, industrial operations, farms, factories, stores, and many other types of businesses. Our commercial customers are able to customize their doors to meet the exact specifications necessary to ensure that products are protected, safety in maximized, and energy efficiency is maintained at a superior level.

High-Quality Energy Efficient Raynor Performance Garage Doors

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors: Raynor offers a
complete line of commercial sectional garage doors. Choose
the combination of durability and thermal efficiency to best
meet your needs.
TC Series: Offers Extreme Durability and Thermal efficiency. This is our best and most requested garage door. With an R-value of 17.05 and extruded polystyrene insulation that is thermally bonded between two steel skins, you can depend on the superior construction of the TC series thermal sectional doors for all commercial applications.
ThermaSeal: This durable, energy efficient sectional garage door is filled to 100% capacity with polyurethane foam insulation for superior energy savings and exceptional R-values.

Haas Commercial Garage Doors

When high-quality climate control and smooth, quiet operation is a necessity, choose the strength and performance of Haas commercial garage doors. Haas doors are available in a range of thicknesses and insulation levels and are available in steel or corrosion-resistant aluminum. That are the perfect choice for:
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Terminals
  • Hangers
  • Piers
  • Garages

Hormann Commercial Garage Doors

Professional Door, Inc. is a proud installer of Hörmann commercial garage doors. With options ranging from economical 24 or 25 Ga. non-insulated steel to 2" thick polystyrene insulated, HDPE, or polyurethane foam core insulation with superior weather shielding capabilities, there is a Hörmann door to meet your energy efficiency needs and your budget. We also install the technologically advanced anodized aluminum-glazed framed doors with your choice of a wide range of glazed glass or panel filler options for maximum visual impact and durability.

How to Choose a Commercial Door

When the time comes to choose a new commercial door, selecting the ideal door type to best fit your project needs and budget can be confusing . How do you know which type of door is best for your needs? What level of energy efficiency will be required? How durable must the door be? There are many questions to consider and it is important to make sure that your new door will be able to meet the demands that you will place on it. Professional Door, Inc. is able to guide you to help determine which door will best fit your specifications. If you have any questions or are ready to place your order, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you: (540) 674-0008

Superior Quality Flexon Energy Saving
Loading Dock Seals

For over 30 years, Flexon, Inc. has provided superior quality high-performance traffic doors and loading dock equipment. Flexon Dock Seals help to increase employee safety, protect merchandise, and reduce energy consumption costs in high-traffic loading dock areas. Flexon dock seals are recommended for door openings up to 10' wide by 9' high. These high-performance seals are constructed of heavy-duty materials including closed-cell polyurethane foam for energy loss protection.

25 Years of Dependable, Easy to Operate Pioneer Dock Levelers

Pioneer Dock Levelers are dependable and easy to install and operate. Pioneer has been in business for over 25 years an offers only top quality products. Alongside Flexon Inc, they are recognized as one of the leading loading dock equipment manufacturer in the world. Aside from standard dock levelers, Pioneer also manufactures and distributes mechanical and hydraulic pit levelers, top-of-dock levelers, and edge-of-dock levelers. All Pioneer products meet OSHA requirements and come with warranties.
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