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There are many options for homeowners and business owners when dealing with garage door construction methods. Many people may have a general, stereotypical idea in mind when they hear the words “garage door,” while others may not even consider the broad range of choices that exist. Both groups are seriously under-informed. There is a wide spectrum of garage door constructions, and customers can be sure that they will find one to match their own style and needs. And we here at Professional Door, Inc., in Dublin, VA, offer them all. We are proud to provide Virginia’s New River Valley with high-quality garage doors of every type. Let’s take a few minutes and discuss what options are available.

A Wide Variety of Construction Methods and Materials

When residential or commercial customers consider buying a new garage door, they may not realize that there really are many different types to choose from. Each kind has a different method of construction – and operates in a different way, too. The most common types include the sectional garage door, the roll-up garage door, the side-hinged door, the “slide-to-the-side” garage door, the tilt-up canopy door, and the tilt-up retractable door.

When most people picture a garage door, they picture a sectional garage door, with good reason. The sectional is the most common garage door in the United States. This door’s construction features tightly-fit, hinged panels. When the door lifts or lowers, a motor uses springs attached to cables to push or pull wheels on each panel inside a vertical track. Its hinged construction allows the garage door to roll into an open or closed position.

The roll-up garage door is a very good option for any garage that doesn’t have much ceiling space. This type of door construction features heavy-duty, tightly-fit slats that retract into a drum that hangs above the garage opening. This construction option is more common in commercial use.

The side-hinged garage door is a throwback. This construction portrays an old-fashioned aesthetic, with solid doors, similar to barn doors, that swing out on hinges. This classic look is perfect for garages with limited ceiling space, and many people choose this construction to complete a time-honored style.

A “slide-to-the-side” garage door operates in a similar fashion to a sectional, except moving horizontally, not vertically. This construction is also ideal for garages that lack a lot of headroom. The tightly-fit panels move on tracks from in front of the opening to a wall of the garage.

Like the side-hinged garage door, both the tilt-up canopy door and the tilt-up retractable door are solid constructions. These options both lift up and down, but the canopy garage door extends past the front of the garage when open. The retractable option does exactly what its name states; it retracts back into the garage to rest underneath the ceiling.

Garage door constructions usually come in four different materials. They can be metal, either aluminum or steel. They can also be vinyl or wood. On average, steel garage doors are usually cheaper than the other material options.

What Type of Garage Door Fits Your Aesthetic and Your Needs?

Knowing the different types of garage door constructions and materials, the question now becomes “what type of garage door fits your aesthetic and your needs?” In other words, what is your best match? Are you looking for something simple, practical, and utilitarian? A sectional garage door is perfect for you. But even with that construction option, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. Which color best matches your home or business?

As we stated above, sectional doors may not be ideal for garages with low ceilings or limited headroom. What’s the situation in your garage? A classic side-hinged garage door or a “slide-to-the side” construction may be perfect for you.

Beyond mere needs, you may be looking to complete a certain aesthetic with your garage door. Many construction options can be the crowning addition to any created atmosphere. For example, if you love an old-fashioned look, the side-hinged garage door will fit your wishes.

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When you are ready to discuss all of the different garage door options available to you, consult the experts here at Professional Door, Inc., in Dublin, VA. We are the garage door authority for the New River Valley, and we offer many high-quality products for both residential and commercial use. No matter what type of construction you want, we have it. Professional Door, Inc., carries a wide selection of options from brands such as Richards-Wilcox, Raynor, Amarr, the Carriage House Door Company, Haas, and Hormann. Be sure to check out our options and work in our photo gallery.

In addition to our high-quality doors, we also offer reliable installation and service. There is no need to worry when Professional Door, Inc., handles your installation. We have the knowledge and experience to do the job right the first time. That garage door will do what it should for years to come. And when something does go wrong, we will be there with outstanding maintenance and repairs. Professional Door, Inc., is proud to serve the New River Valley, and we stand ready to serve you, too.

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