Choosing Between Manual and Automatic Garage Doors

Which Garage Door Option is Right for You?

What is the difference between manual and automatic garage doors? Obviously, one option requires manpower to raise and lower, while the other uses electricity to automatically operate. But what are the benefits offered by each choice? What are the downfalls? This month, we here at Professional Door, Inc., in Dublin, VA, want to discuss the differences between them with you. First of all, it may be prudent for you to consider replacing your garage door. A graphic on illustrates that, in 2019, garage door replacement topped all other home renovation projects in the “cost vs. value” category. This means home and business owners will quickly recoup the cost of garage door replacement in value, curb appeal, and more. It’s really a win-win situation for you. Professional Door, Inc., is the smart choice for garage door sales and installation in the New River Valley. When you decide to replace that old garage door, do you want to install a manual garage door or an automatic garage door? Most people will probably say “automatic.” The obvious benefits include it being easy to use; with one touch of a button, you can open or close the garage door. Have you really thought about both options, though? Let’s go through each choice and look at the pros and cons to discover which one is right for you. And now, the garage door debate begins…

Manual Garage Doors: Affordability Stands Out

Automatic garage doors are much more popular than their manual counterparts, in part because of they are easy to use. This has caused manual garage doors to become a lot less common, at both homes and businesses. There are, however, inherent benefits to installing a manual garage door. The first, most obvious benefit to a manual garage door is the cost. They are much cheaper than automatic garage doors and installation is much easier. There are no electrical components to install and hook up to your electrical system. This means that the garage door will work in a power outage, as it takes only physical exertion to operate. Maintenance is easy, too. There are few parts. The only maintenance issue that a homeowner or business owner has to worry about is lubricating the system. The downsides to manual garage doors, however, brightly glare for many people. The biggest of these is the physicality involved in operating the door. Every time you want to lift or lower the garage door, you have to do it manually. This can get rather tedious, and the effort may be too much for some people. Overall, the affordability of manual garage doors may pale in comparison to the ease of automatic garage doors.

Automatic Garage Doors: Easy to Use and Safer

This is the big reason for the popularity of automatic garage doors among homeowners and business owners. They are easy to use. Pushing a button is far more convenient than lifting and pulling a heavy door. Consider this scenario: It is a 90-degree day in the middle of summer. You have just pulled into your driveway after a long, tiring day of work. Would you rather stay in your air-conditioned vehicle and push a button to raise your garage door? Or would you rather get out into the heat and humidity to lift that heavy door yourself? Most people would choose to remain in their vehicle. Automatic garage doors are also fundamentally safer than manual doors. They feature a variety of safety features, including sensors that will stop the garage door if anything is in its way. But you may ask, what happens if the power goes out? Automatic garage doors feature release cords or an unlocking mechanism. People can use these in case of power outages or emergencies to manually lift the garage door. The only real downside to an automatic garage door is the cost. They cost more than manual doors, and the installation involves more work, too. It takes more to maintain and repair automatic garage doors, as well. Many homeowners and business owners find that these doors pay for themselves over time, and they gladly accept the trade-off.

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